Ericka Seffens | Miller

Looking back to when I first started my career, the technological changes I’ve seen have been phenomenal. From manual typewriters, typing pools, changing ribbons, blue carbon copy paper to daisy wheel printers, telex machines, and being part of a testing group for the first ever WANG computer. Seeing computers and mobile phones take over, to where we are now with everything we do being electronic and our hybrid way of working – all of this has been an incredible journey


Never be afraid to admit if you are wrong or do not understand.

My most valuable career advice is never be afraid to admit if you are wrong or don’t understand. Always ask if you’re not sure and always believe in yourself.

 Caring for wildlife has become one of my daily interests and hobbies since purchasing half an acre of woodland that backs onto our garden,. Holidays in Egypt and scuba diving in the Red Sea, or just relaxing on the boat while others dive, is something I love and cannot wait to do again. I also have a passion for cooking and entertaining. I love home life and, after the completion of a major extension at the end of 2019, I never thought I would get to spend so much time enjoying it.

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