Julie Scott | Jackpot Insurance Consultants

I started working in the insurance industry after being offered a job with PSAC at the age of 17. I worked in construction claims for Sedgwick and the Excess before moving to JLT. For 26 years, I undertook a variety of roles including looking after major UK contractors, leading the PFI team and leading UK new business production. I completed my FCII at JLT at the age of 25 and became the first woman partner of JLT’s construction team. I then became involved in the Advanced Study Book 208 committee which resulted in a published book on construction insurance. I went on to set up Jackpot Insurance Consultants in 2018. A lot has been made possible by having a very supportive husband!

You need to be determined and disciplined to succeed.

I have had plenty of knock backs in my career and my advice would always be to play the long game, maintain relationships and things usually work out. You need to be determined and disciplined to succeed. I love the insurance industry and am passionate about solving issues for clients but, like it or not, there is still injustice and bullying in this industry that needs to be addressed. I do my small part to help change this culture by mentoring and standing up for others.

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