Lee Mills | VIPR Solutions

After almost 10 years as part of the project management function with Xchanging, I decided to bring all the fantastic knowledge and experience I had gained to another organisation, which brought me to VIPR Solutions, a top leading tech solutions provider in the insurance market.

I am a firm believer in self-trust, go with your instincts.

I am a firm believer in self-trust, go with your instincts. Being organised and taking responsibility for your actions is key for timely and effective delivery. A healthy mind is a healthy employee and that can only come with a good work/life balance. Working with happy people is always much more creative and productive. My personal mantra that I drive with my team is: be happy, be positive, have pride in what we do collectively and personally.

I love the outdoors, it is my passion. I am a keen netball player, captaining the second team of the club I play for. In my downtime, I enjoy yoga, but not any ordinary yoga, wild yoga, which is performed outdoors in some beautiful woodland areas. It is not a seasonal hobby as I really enjoy taking part even when it is raining. The power of natural forces such as raindrops on my face brings me a lot of inspiration.

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