Wendy Beckett | WTW

I started at WTW 25 years ago, working my way up to Operations Manager. Though a very busy role, the people in my team really make it worthwhile. Our team’s ages range from 18 to 45, but I firmly believe age should never be a divisor, and this is the culture I encourage. As a result, my team is extremely bonded and support one another despite our differences. Age truly is just a number and should never be a barrier.

This belief kept me motivated when, about 10 years ago, both myself and my mother were diagnosed with and treated for cancer. Although a terrible thing for both of us, it meant we could share our journey. We kept each other going through an unbelievably hard time.

I do try and inspire others to progress as far as they can.

I never let my age be a factor when dealing with my treatment or my life. I would not stop and I would not give up. I kept working where possible; my colleagues and the work helped to distract and keep me focused on something other than my treatment. Now, my daughter Sam and I run the Race for Life every year to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

I do not feel like a role model, but I do try and inspire others to progress as far as they can. Seeing others achieve their goals gives me so much satisfaction and I will always lend a helping hand.

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